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About Us

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From better, quality roofing products to a well-managed installation backed by a professional relationship, we’re committed to delivering a better commercial and residential roofing experience across the South Plains and Eastern New Mexico (LicenseĀ #405485). Our experienced teams are passionate about providing quality work that meets timelines, stays on budget, and exceeds customer expectations.

Robbie Sanders

Robbie Sanders has been in the roofing industry since 1988. He started as a residential roofing estimator in Roswell, NM working there a total of nine (9) years becoming a commercial estimator and project manager. Robbie moved to Lubbock in 1998 and for the next seventeen (17) years worked as a commercial roofing estimator, project manager, and general manager of the roofing division for his previous employer. In 2015, Robbie took his career one step further and became a co-owner and commercial roofing estimator and project manager for five (5) years. In January 2020, Robbie took his well-earned knowledge and industry-leading experience and founded Schrader Roofing Company of Lubbock.

Adam Vizcaino

Adam Vizcaino started roofing in 2000 with Robbie Sanders. During this time in the field, Adam was the foreman on numerous facilities including religious buildings, schools, large industrial buildings, private commercial buildings, and hospitals. As he looks back on his career, he is most proud of the 500,000 square foot project he was the project manager and foreman on. In 2015, Adam made the move with Robbie, and with his experiences from being foreman, Adam became the Labor Superintendent overseeing 40+ roofers. In January 2020, Adam joined Robbie at Schrader Roofing Company of Lubbock as the Labor Supervisor and Project Manager. Adam is well respected by job superintendents and all of our employees.

Ramon Villanueva

Ramon Villanueva began his roofing career in 1994 by installing shingles on residential roofs. He met Robbie Sanders in 1999 while working for a commercial roofing company installing clay tile and sheet metal. In 2014, Ramon began working with Robbie and Adam as a sheet metal installer and supervisor. Ramon soon joined Robbie and Adam in 2015 as sheet metal supervisor. In January 2020, Ramon joined Robbie and Adam, once again, at Schrader Roofing Company of Lubbock as the Sheet Metal Supervisor.

Misty Bryant

Misty Bryant began her career in the roofing industry in 2006 as a receptionist for a residential roofing company. While there, she became interested in the day-to-day operations, and while working full time, received her certificate in bookkeeping in 2011. In 2012, she became the Office Manager for a commercial roofing company where she handled all of the daily, weekly, and monthly operations. Misty met Robbie and Adam in 2015 when they began working where she was at. Misty joined Robbie, Adam, and Ramon at Schrader Roofing Company of Lubbock at the beginning of February 2020. She handles all of the accounting aspects of the office.

Luis Menjivar

Luis Menjivar was born in El Salvador. At the age of 10 years old Luis moved to the United States. Luis first resided in Florida, made a move to Houston, and then finally decided to make Lubbock his home. Growing up, Luis was always involved in residential roofing thanks to his family. After he graduated from Estacado High School he decided to make roofing his career. At a previous company, Luis started off as a laborer. After falling in love with the trade he began to climb the ladder and become a subcontractor himself. In 2023, Luis partnered with Schrader Roofing Company of Lubbock. Now in 2024, Luis is the head of the residential division. Luis’s invaluable customer service and knowledge has made him an expert in the residential roofing world. Luis continuously receives praise and thanks from his past customers and prides himself in delivering the best possible experience for his new customers. Luis is proud to serve customers across West Texas & Eastern New Mexico.

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